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An open network of crypto analysts,
VC's & founders unravelling access
to business education & investing careers.

Building the dMBA in public :

Background artwork :
In a mind-blowing representation of the greatest erudites from classical Antiquity sharing knowledge
& ideas in a virtual academy, Raffaello gave us 500 years ago a glimpse into the future of education.
All figures represented in his "School of Athens" masterpiece, such as Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras or Ptolemy,
lived at different times. But each of them is famous for his individual pursuits in mathematics, philosophy,
history, science or arts.
Also known as the "Platonic Academy", the original inspiration for this painting is considered to be the World's 1st University.
It was open to the public, didn't follow any formal curriculum nor make any distinction between teachers & students.
Learning was exclusively based on collaborative dialogue, at odds with our modern institutions ...
By building an open dMBA program, we put this same vision on modern Web3 rails in order to make business education
& investing careers accessible to anyone - regardless of genre, geography or personal background.

Labyrinth symbol :
Representation of the $CIRCL token & another tribute to classical Antiquity.
This mythological, intricate structure often represented on ancient Greek money was originally designed by artificer
Daedalus for King Minos of Crete, in order to confine the Minotaur.
While Theseus is mostly famous for being on a mission to solve the Labyrinth & slay the Minotaur, our own mission statement
is clear : making the financial system more transparent, accessible & positively impacting.